What is included in the studio session?

Each studio session includes all the paint and glitter you want to make your piece of art something special.  We also offer a whole bunch of other “bling” that can really set your Mermaid or Dolphin apart.  Much of our “bling” changes seasonally so look for football helmets in the fall, Santa hats at Christmas time, Easter themes in the spring, etc.


Do I need a reservation?

You don’t need a reservation, we accept walk-ins all of the time, however reservations are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED even for one or two people.  We have limited seating and are often very busy.  Reservations and a $50 deposit are REQUIRED for groups of eight or more.  Your $50 deposit will be applied to your final invoice on the day of the visit.


How much does it cost to rent the space for my party?

There is no fee to use the studio for a party, however a $50 deposit is required when making a reservation for 8 or more and will be applied to your final invoice. Please call or email to inquire about availability


Is there a better deal for my group?

Special pricing for parties and events (groups of 8 or more) available: $20 per person with a complementary studio fee.  Includes a 12" mermaid or dolphin with stand and all paints and glitter. 

Parties are invited to bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks.


Please note that special pricing only applies to groups of 8 or more and this discount is not combined with complimentary wine offer.

Is the Mermaid Factory Virginia Beach a good place for Girl Scouts?

Our studio is a great spot for a Girl Scout outing.  Each scout leaves the Mermaid Factory experience with their own one of a kind creation that they made will being with their friends.  We also offer Mermaid Factory Virginia Beach patches.  They are discounted at only $2/each for groups of 8 or more.  The world famous King Neptune statue and the beach is only 3 blocks from our store and creates a great second part of their visit.

Where can I park?

The Mermaid Factory Virginia Beach has ample on-site parking.


How long does it usually take to paint a Mermaid/Dolphin?

Painting your special memories with loved ones and friends will take approximately 2.5 hours.


How many people can join my party?

The Mermaid Factory Virginia Beach location can accommodate up to 36 painters at a time but there is plenty of ways to divide the space to make any groups less than that very comfortable.


Are you a local business?

Yes.  All of our molds are manufactured locally and our owners live and play at the Virginia Beach oceanfront.


What is a Mermaid/Dolphin To-Go Kit?

If you don’t have time to paint your creation in our studio or you are looking for a unique gift for that artistic someone special, swim on in and grab a Mermaid/Dolphin to go kit.  Each kit contains or locally made Mermaid or Dolphin, base, connecting rod, paintbrush, and 8 colors of paint or glitter that you hand select.  Does your niece love pinks and purples?  Pick out the colors you know she’ll like.  Take it home and paint at your leisure.  They are still only $20 + $5 paint fee and you walk out the door with a perfect, thoughtful gift.


Is wine available?

Two 5 oz. Glasses of wine are included with your studio fee when you paint at our store.  We offer merlot, chardonnay, and white zinfandel.  ABC laws do not allow us to serve more than the two glasses per session and we cannot serve anyone who is not painting in the studio.  And, of course you have to be at least 21.  No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed in the store.


Can I bring in my own food/drink?

You can bring in your own food and non-alcoholic drinks.  We have a special table that you can set up for larger parties.


What is the best way to display my Mermaid/Dolphin?

Our Mermaids and Dolphins adorn many mantles and bookshelves all over the country.  But we also now sell custom shelves to make displaying your masterpiece easy anywhere.  And you can also paint the shelf and use that as the base if you want.  They are only $7.


What is a Mermaid Factory Party To-Go Kit?

Why not take the Mermaid Factory home with you?  We gladly lend a kit you can take to your home or office that includes all the paint, glitter, glue, brushes, and more to make your next event something your friends will talk about for a long time.  You just buy as many Mermaids and Dolphins that you need ($20 + $5 studio fee) for your guests and we will loan you the Party To Go Kit (you only leave a small refundable deposit).  Take it all to your special party place and have a blast.  The Party to Go Kit is available with the purchase of 6 or more Mermaids or Dolphins.


Do you do custom orders?

Yes.  You design it, we make it! Starts at $45. Two-week turnaround time.


What other things are available to paint at the Mermaid Factory Virginia Beach?

We always have large 18” Mermaids and bases, 2’ and 3’flat mermaids that can be displayed either indoors or outdoors, and 7” wooden ornaments.  We also have seasonally changing options that are only available for limited times like seahorses and turtles.


What are the Mermaids/Dolphins made of?

All of our Mermaids and Dolphins are made out of plaster.  Plaster takes the paint very easily and makes for a gorgeous finished product.


510 Laskin Rd,

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Phone: (757) 963-7700

Email:  mermaidfactoryvb@gmail.com

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